For a while now, Jason and I have been going back and forth on buying work-benches or building our own.  Since we’ll need at least 30 work benches to fill our open work area, each option has it’s perks.   In the end, we figured if we’re going to make a maker-space, we may as well make the benches…we have all the tools!

So here’s a glimpse of what we came up with:


Speechless…I know.  Pretty basic, not really worth blogging about, but I’m excited to start knocking these out by the dozens.  I’ll get to the obvious question now, “can you build a go-kart on it?”.  I would assume yes, but since I’m an engineer and love turning things into science projects, I ran the finite element analysis.  Below shows a simulation for 2,000 lbs sitting on top of the work bench, the equivalent of me jumping up and down on top of the table with Jason sitting on my shoulders…or six people river dancing.


So, from the results, the 2″ box tubing can support 2,000 lbs of loading with stresses on the order of 10 ksi.  The A36 structural steel has a yield of 30 ksi so we have plenty of margin for safety.  The displacement model shows a sag of less then 1/8 of an inch.  Nothing but the best for The Foundery!!!