We are close to approving plans that will go out for bid and I thought I’d share some of those ideas for the buildout. The overall footprint of our space is a bit under 20,000 square feet, and our goal is to keep walls and partitions to a minimum. We want a space that is wide open, where work areas flow into each other and you get a sense of the entirety of the space anywhere you stand within. This notion presents challenges for dust collection and fume extraction for sure (will cover that in a future post), but we also want some enclosed space for classroom training and presentations. We want members to be able to hang out in this space when they’re heads down on a design, pulling together a brainstorming session, or grabbing a cup of coffee or a snack. That’s why we are designing a single large space called the Multipurpose Room to accommodate all these uses. It will include kitchen facilities as well. Other built spaces include the front reception area where there will be some seating for guests, our front desk/office, and some display/retail. There will be restrooms and a janitor’s closet too, but for the most part, the other 16,000+ square feet are reserved for tools and workspace.


The Foundery’s built spaces

Stay tuned as we detail more parts of the space in future posts!