Get to know the people who make The Foundery awesome!

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Originally from small towns in Montana and Nevada, Jason earned his Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the US Naval Academy prior to receiving his Masters in Advanced Business Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Since the completion of his education, Jason has held a number of diverse roles in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, non-profit organizations, the military, and state and local government. The majority of this career has been focused on early-stage organizations and startup companies. Throughout his various career endeavors, Jason became qualified to operate a U.S. Navy nuclear power plant, served as Maryland’s first official Entrepreneur in Residence, was named Inventor on six U.S. patents, and founded a company which was then purchased by Facebook. Jason’s main expertise revolves around technology and entrepreneurship, making The Foundery the perfect place for him to excel.

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Joining us from Abingdon, Maryland, Corey joined The Foundery team after spending ten years with Lockeed Martin as a Mechanical Engineer and Designer. Prior to his time with Lockheed Martin, Corey earned a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Material Science) from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. During his education, Corey spent five years on the UMBC Baja SAE Team, was named the winner for the Discovery Channel’s The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius, and was awarded several U.S. patents related to nanotechnology, UAV recovery, missile launcher systems and crew transfer technologies. Corey’s main areas of expertise lie within mechanical design, kinematic analysis, electro-mechanical design, CNC fabrication and more.

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Sam Salvati is a professional blacksmith and instructor. For him, shaping steel is both therapeutic and inspiring and feeds his passion for blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Sam is engaged by almost all aspects of steel working, from welding and machining to heavy industrial forging to fine artistic forging, but bladesmithing holds a special place for him. He has always been fascinated by swords of knights and samurai, and the traditional utility blades of all different cultures. Through researching bladesmithing Sam came upon blacksmithing and found a double passion that now he is lucky enough to do professionally.