I wanted to tell everyone about the welders we will have in the new shop! We will have 6 Miller 211 MIG welders as well as 2 Miller Diversion TIG Welders.

Here is the Miller 211:

These welders are super versatile. They have pretty user-friendly controls. Another cool feature on these welders is that you can change the plugs on them from 120 to 240, something that has definitely come in handy while we are still getting our electricity in the new space and running most of our tools off of extension cords. I’ve welded over 30 table frames with these welders in the past few months, and they are extremely reliable even running on 120. Highly recommended if you’re in the market for a welder, or if you are in the market for a welding class taught by yours truly 😉

Here’s an example of some of the welds made on these welders:

(disclaimer: I found this image on google images! Not my welds!)

These MIG welders are a H U G E upgrade from our previous flux core welders that we were using in the old space which give you welds that look like the image below:

Not to hate on flux core welding, but I am so happy we get to use these new welders in the new space and with our new welding class! I know my previous students and future students will enjoy the ease and precision that comes with these Miller machines.

We also will have 2 TIG welders in the new space! TIG is great for aluminum and thin/thick metals – as well as standard steel. TIG allows for way more manual control than MIG and many people prefer it! There is virtually no cleanup needed with a TIG welder (once you get good at it).

Here is the Miller Diversion that we will have:

And this is an example of a TIG weld on mild steel with the Diversion:

Wowie! *_* That’s a beautiful weld! TIG has a lot steeper learning curve than MIG – but once you get good it is a lot of fun! Kind of like learning to drive a manual transmission car when you are used to an automatic!

What do you think of the welder upgrades? Have you used any of these welders before? Are you as excited as I am to get time in on these machines?!

*** A big shout out to our welding equipment partner, Earlbeck Gases and Technologies. If you want to go 211 as well, tell Jim and Joe that the Foundery sent you! ***