So I called “dibs” on writing bios of our team…and I’m really excited about this, because I get to write my own bio! I’ll also try to stay around 80% accurate on what I write and let you readers decide what 20% is not accurate.

I’m really happy with our team. We’re a diverse group of people with strengths and weaknesses that all complement each other. Below is a short intro to each team member so you can get an idea of the experience and expertise members at The Foundery can leverage when using the space.

Let’s start with Jason!

Jason “Roll the Dice” Hardebeck:

Jason…what to say about Jason. Jason is kind of the Patriarch of the group. Not just because he’s a lot older than the rest of the team but also because he has legit experience in the world of start-ups, engineering and TCB’ing (Taking Care of Business). Jason graduated from the Navy academy back in 1987 (before Audrey was born) and entered the life of a midshipman as a nuclear engineer. If there’s one thing I have picked up from Jason’s days as a nuke, it’s that you need to know your s**t to work anything related to nuclear energy, which is really comforting to know.

Jason grew up in Montana, I’d like to believe that all of his friends and family from home make fun of him and call him a “city slicker” when he visits.

After Jason got out of the Navy he bounced around working for a couple start-ups and then landed a job here in Maryland working for DeWalt/Black and Decker as a project manager. Jason only worked at DeWalt a few years but for some reason every time we note a cool feature about a DeWalt tool Jason goes “I was the guy who thought of that!”…right.

Jason started a software company, WhoGlue, back in 2000 which gave him legitimate credentials as an official Entrepreneur. Rumor has it, Jason missed the birth of both his kids due to conflicting board meetings.


Audrey “The Resident Bad-ass” Van de Castle

Audrey graduated from Hampshire College in Massachusetts where she studied art and gained experience in many fabrication methods. Audrey joined The Foundery back in 2013 as our lead instructor, teaching our welding and CNC laser classes. To date, Audrey has taught close to 1000 student between both classes.

I remember when I first met Audrey at The Foundery. I was welding at one of our fux core stations, Audrey approached me about using our welders for a project and she asked if she could demonstrate her skills. I replied “sorry, you’re not wearing long sleeves” and Audrey said “neither are you”…touché! She was hired about 30 minutes later as our welding instructor.

Audrey is a passionate metal artist who’s always up for a challenge! Check out her art at She’s also a hardcore feminist so when people taking her welding class say things like “women can weld?!” she might take it personally…don’t be that person.


The Jester

The Jester remains adamant that we are not to post his name or photo on the internet. Some people think he’s just an overly paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I want to believe it’s because he owes a ton of back child support for kids he’s fathered across the county.

The Jester has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UMBC where he spent many years as a core member of the SAE Baja Team. Although his degree is in ME, The Jester has taken his love for robotics and electro-mechanical systems to a level well beyond a hobby. The Jester has many years of real world engineering experience related to micro-controllers (Arduino etc.), data acquisition, electro-chemical design and evaluation.

The Jester continues to try and get people to address him as The Singularity…don’t do it, it’ll just inflate his ego even more.


Corey “That’s Good Enough” Fleischer

Fueled by caffeine and a hardcore thirst for competition, Corey Fleischer is constantly proving his theory that human adolescence doesn’t end until your mid 30’s. Corey received his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from UMBC where he spent 8 years stretching out the college experience, and building mini-baja vehicles, a mini-trike and a motorized barstool.

In 2013 Corey won the Discovery Channel’s The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius – Corey is still bitter that they never gave him his championship belt that he claims they owe him. Corey is also an undefeated demolition derby champion who will one day defend his title when his current daily vehicle hits the 200,000 mile mark.

Corey worked for 10 years as a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin where he racked up about 15 US patents related to kinematic designs, super-capacitors and UAV recovery systems. Despite all these accomplishments, Corey claims his greatest moment was “the time I found Bigfoot in my backyard making plaster castings of my footprints.”