Foundery team members Corey Fleischer and Jess Goldfinger have made a real live Mario Kart controlled wirelessly by a wii remote. See a video of it in action here!


          The idea for the vehicle came from a casual watercooler conversation at Corey’s former workplace. He and a few coworkers saw a beer-tossing mini fridge on TV and thought it was very lame. They knew they could one-up it, so they started to brainstorm a better product. Their ideas started with a beverage-delivering cooler on wheels and ended on a go-kart that could be controlled by itself wirelessly. They set out to build the latter.

          The cart’s control system is connected by a wii remote, which talks to an Arduino through bluetooth. The Arduino knows which direction the remote is pointing and can move the wheels to match it. The cart itself is made from miscellaneous parts of electric scooters, wheels of a hand truck, and the seat of a lawn tractor. Fellow Foundery instructor Jess Goldfinger programmed the software for the controls and wired it up!

          Corey actually used this cart as part of his audition for the show Big Brain Theory. He subsequently was accepted for the show and won. See his application video in which he puts a lightbulb in the microwave here.

          Come by the Foundery to make a go-kart of your own, or just take a spin on ours!