Host Your Next Team-Building Event at The Foundery

The Foundery hosts exciting, hands-on, company and group events for teams of all types and sizes. These events are a great place to host an end-of-the-year celebration, new company or product launch, corporate offsite event, or just a fun outing!
We promise to help you break out of your usual routine, get to know each other as people, and leave feeling invigorated and ready to re-engage creatively.

Provide us with your contact information and we’ll reach out to help organize something for the needs of your group. No obligation necessary!

Group Workshops

We can work with you to design a workshop to teach various skills and create objects to take back to the office. Options include desks, chairs, logo art, cutting boards, screenprinted shirts/posters, cornhole boards, printing blocks, bookshelves, 6 pack beer holders, and clothing patches.

Design Challenges

We can host a challenge in which the group divides into smaller teams to compete against each other to design and construct a product. Potential objects include beer tap handles, rube goldberg machines, catapults, or products for your business.